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King Tut pendant Our museum reproduction of the King Tut image. Adapted from the funerary mask found in the King's tomb, 1333-1323 BC.
24 Karat gold-plate over pewter. 18" Gold-plate chain.
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King Tut Pendant

Egyptian Amulet pin/pendant
This glorious egyptian amulrt pin/pendant reproduction signifies the Royal Scarab Amulet, from the Coronation of King Tutankhamen, found in his tomb. W. Thebes. 18th Dynasty.
Enameled 24k gold-plate over pewter, enhanced by Carnelian. 18" Gold-plate chain.

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Egyptian Amulet Pin/Pendant

Horus earrings In ancient Egypt, the falcon has been worshiped as a cosmic deity whose body represented the heavens, whose eyes were the sun and moon. That was the God Horus, whose name meant "He who is above".
24K antique gold-plate over pewter. Gold-filled ear-wires.

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Horus Earrings

Scarab earrings The beetle being the emblem of Khepera, the God of the morning sun, was regarded by ancient Egyptians as a symbol of resurrection and immortality. Our museum reproduction of the scarab engraved Carnelian cabochon earrings.
24 Karat antique gold-plate over pewter.

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Scarab Earrings

Egyptian Snake pendant Our Snake museum reproduction is the stylized, upright form of an Egyptian spitting cobra (asp, serpent, or snake), used as a symbol of sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority in ancient Egypt. Inspired by the Snake design image on left.
24K gold-plate over pewter. 18" Gold-plate chain.

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Egyptian Snake Pendant

Ankh pendant
Our Ankh reproduction pendant is recognized as an emblem of Ancient Egypt. The theory is that it combines the male and female symbols of Osiris (the T-cross) and Isis (the oval) and signifies the union of heaven and earth. It represents life and immortality, and is often depicted as being carried by the gods.
24K antique gold-plate over pewter, enhanced by Lapis cabochon. 18" Gold-plate chain.

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Ankh Pendant

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