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Ilana Issacow works directly with museum curators and retail merchandisers to create replicas of jewelry and gifts from their artworks. Each step of the creative development is subject to the customer’s approval.

A clear picture of the image is of paramount importance in order to recommend the type of product to be made, the shade of plating and the enamel color(s). When needed, a sketch is drawn from which the wax model is made, followed by the master-model in metal. A copyright tool is produced and the final model is then cleaned, stamped and ready for production. The estimated cost per piece is given.

With a perfectionist's eye, Ilana personally oversees every phase of the process from concept to finished product.

* Cost
Upon approval of sketch, there is a one-time charge starting at $550. Multilana absorbs costs of models/molds. All models/molds are Multilana’s property. When production begins, two samples of the finished product are given to the customer at no charge.

* Initial Quantities
Licensed Design: The initial order has a minimum quantity of 200 pieces.
Exclusive Design: The initial order has a minimum quantity of 400 pieces.
(Exceptions determined upon each individual case)

* Material/Packaging
Multilana manufactures in pewter, brass, sterling silver or gold, with gold or silver-plating, as per customer's request. Item is inserted in a poly-bag that includes its provenance-card. Boxes and/or suede-like pouches are available for extra charge.

* Delivery
Depending on the intricacy of the model, we estimate 6-8 Weeks from the date of sketch approval.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you wish to contact ILANA
For questions and/or suggestions,
Please send an email to:
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