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Janus Cufflinks
Janus was regarded as the Roman God – The custodian of the Universe, God of all beginnings, and the guardian of gates and doors. He signified the tradition between primitive life and civilization, and maintained the balance between peace and war and youth and old age.
The month of January is named after him, and his festival The Agonium took place on January 9.
24 Karat gold-plate over pewter & brass.

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Janus Cufflinks

Lion Cufflinks The lion-head jewelry was adapted from a pair of bronze mounts designed by Andrei Voronikhin ca. 1804, from a set of doors leading into Count Paul Stroganoff's private apartment in the Stroganoff Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia.
24 Karat antique gold-plate over pewter and brass.

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Lion Cufflinks

Ankh cufflinks Our Ankh museum reproduction is recognized as an emblem of Ancient Egypt. The theory is that it combines the male and female symbols of Osiris (the T-cross) and Isis (the oval) and signifies the union of heaven and earth. It represents life and immortality, and is often depicted as being carried by the gods.
24K antique gold plate over pewter and brass.

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Ankh Cufflinks

Greek Owl Cufflinks Athena's owl is considered a sacred symbol in ancient Greece. The significance of the owl was the virtue of Wisdom.
24K gold-plate plate over pewter.
Greek Owl Cufflinks

Classic Cufflinks The motif is taken from the painting "Dream Days, Chocolate Factory", by Maxfield Parrish (American, 1870-1966). Parrish has been considered one of the greatest American illustrators of the twentieth century.
Enameled 24 karat gold-plate over pewter and brass.
Blue Cufflinks

Sea shell cufflinks The Shell signifies nobility, divinity and royalty. It is considered an emblem of power of the gods and sovereignty. Enameled 24k gold-plate over pewter & brass.

Sea Shell Cufflinks

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